Summer Fun in the Green Mountains


Scenic Lift Rides

Mountain Biking

Vermont ski areas are home to more than just winter activities. Adventure Parks, Golf, Disc Golf, Mountain Biking, and more await you in the Green Mountains. Whether it's a long weekend or a week-long vacation, spend it with us, here in Vermont.

Golf and Disc Golf

Golf is in full swing across the state. The mountain views from Vermont’s courses may make it hard to keep your eye on the ball or. With so many to choose from, you just might have to try a few! 

Disc Golf is not only growing in popularity in Vermont, but it also has a rich history and dedicated community here. With courses ranging from beginner-friendly to official DPGA championship, Vermont ski areas have it all. 

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Mountain Biking

Vermont is home to some of the best trail networks and lift-served mountain biking in the Northeast. Over the last few years, Vermont ski areas have been seriously ramping up their mountain biking operations. New additions to parks, new trails, and new features are popping up across the state.

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It's no surprise that Vermont's ski areas are at its tallest peaks. The views from above are truly spectacular. Hiking trails are often along some of your favorite winter ski runs, so be sure to take note of seasonal differences at the mountain. 

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Adventure Parks

Adventure Parks are your ticket to a good time. Each park varies with activities offered, but one thing they all have in common is family fun. There’s something for everyone at Vermont ski areas. From rock climbing to zip-lines to trampolines. You’re guaranteed to love your trip to one of Vermont’s adventure parks.

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Summer Camps

Summer is here and camps abound! Wherever you are in the state (visitor or Vermonter) you're not far from one of Vermont's many ski areas offering loads of summer programs for kids of all ages and interests. See what's happening across the state.

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