Press Kit

The Ski Vermont Winter 2023-24 Press Kit features a wide assortment of articles exploring topics related to the exciting options for skiing and snowboarding (and much more) in the Green Mountain State.

As ski areas continue making constant improvements to snowmaking, lifts, new programs and activities, and sustainability and efficiency programs, check here for the most up-to-date information on the excitement ahead in the 2023-24 season.

Keeping it Fresh

What's New at Vermont Ski Resorts This Season

What's new? Green Mountain State ski areas have made a lot of investments in their facilities over the summer--from massive snowmaking and lift upgrades to sustainability and family programs-and even into new night skiing programs.  There's plenty of excitement around the 2023-24 season; find the latest news here

That Pow Pow

Snowmaking and Grooming

Take a state known for its winters, equip it with some of the most powerful snowmaking systems on earth, and turn teams of expert snowmakers loose—and you’ve got a Vermont ski season.

Snowmaking has come a long way (even in the past few years), and Vermont’s snowmakers are on the leading edge of snowmaking technology with decades of experience and a constant desire to increased efficiency and make more with less. Whether it’s supplementing legendary snowfall with some manmade powder, or giving mother nature a helping hand between storms, Vermont ski areas have the power and expertise to keep everyone gliding on snow during the winter months. Learn more about what's happening with snow this season.