Uphill Travel at Vermont Ski Areas

Etiquette & Protocol

Ski touring has become increasingly popular, and many of Vermont's ski areas have implemented uphill travel policies to promote safety. As an uphill traveler, you are a guest of the ski area or resort, acknowledge the associated inherent risks and are subject to their terms and conditions of use.

  1. Read, understand, and follow your destination ski area’s uphill travel policy.

  2. Plan ahead and procure any required pass or ticket.

  3. Be prepared for changing mountain weather conditions. Summit temperatures and conditions are often different from base area conditions.

  4. Wear bright-colored or reflective clothing and use a headlamp in low light conditions to ensure your visibility. Use equipment with brakes or leashes.

  5. Bring a fully charged cell phone and be aware that service on the mountain may not be available or reliable.

  6. Travel with others or make someone else aware of your travel plan and expected return time.

  7. Follow designated uphill and downhill routes and do not access closed terrain.

  8. Keep to the side of the trail.

  9. Be aware of ski area operations, equipment and downhill traffic.

  10. Stay clear of all mountain operations and equipment and follow directives from mountain staff.

Please be sure to check the uphill travel policy at the individual resort you plan to visit using the links below or accessing their website.