PR Contacts

A list of resort press contacts:


Scott Pellegrini Director of Sales & Marketing 802.434.6814 Resort Press Link
Oliver Mauk Assistant Marketing Director 802.824.5522 x210 Resort Press Link
Jessica Sechler Marketing Manager 802.626.7394 Resort Press Link
Mainer Ray Treasurer (802) 482-3134 Resort Press Link
Greg Maino Communication & Events Manager 802-864-5794 Resort Press Link
Jim Cochran General Manager (802) 434-2479 Resort Press Link
Sheldon Miller Communications Director 802-586-7767 Resort Press Link
JJ Toland Director of Communications and Events 802.327.2198 Resort Press Link
Amy Laramie Director of Communications, Events and Special Projects 802.422.6216 Resort Press Link
Ry Young Marketing & Events Manager 802.496.3551 x121 Resort Press Link
Geoff Hatheway President 802-824-5645 x117 Resort Press Link
Mike Hussey General Manager 802.443.2792 Resort Press Link
Adam White Senior Manager of Resort Communications and Marketing, Northeast Region (802) 557-8430 Resort Press Link
Laura Conti Director of Marketing 802.483.2311 Resort Press Link
Genevieve Faherty Director 802.439.6223 Resort Press Link
Bonnie MacPherson Communications Manager - Northeast 802.228.1947 Resort Press Link
Amy Laramie Director of Communications, Events and Special Projects 802-422-6216 Resort Press Link
Michael Hussey Director 802.443.2792 Resort Press Link
Steve Clokey V.P. Marketing (802) 644-1119 Resort Press Link
Jeff Wise Senior Manager of Communications - Northeast Region 802.253.3437 Resort Press Link
Hilary Linehan Marketing & Program Director 802-765-0044 Resort Press Link
Myra Foster Senior Manager Marketing & Communications 802.297.4137 Resort Press Link
John Bleh Communications Supervisor 802.583.6814 Resort Press Link
Jennifer Vincent Marketing Manager 802.457.6627 Resort Press Link
Lauren Stagnitti Outdoor Center Director 802-253-5721 Resort Press Link
Dana McNair Co-General Manager 802-824-3933 Resort Press Link
Jennifer Vincent Marketing Manager 802-457-6627 Resort Press Link

At Ski Vermont, we’re happy to help journalists, writers, digital influencers and other content creators tell the story of "Winter In Its Original State." It would be our pleasure to suggest topics, help line up sources, provide photos and statistics - whatever it takes to help you deliver the best possible content to your audience. Please contact Director of Communications Bryan Rivard at 802-223-2439 ext. 303 or



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