Winter in it's Original State

PR Contacts

A list of resort press contacts:


JJ Toland Director of Public Relations, Events & Partnerships 802.327.2198 Resort Press Link
Michael Joseph Communications Manager 802.422.6115 Resort Press Link
Eric Friedman Marketing Director 802.496.3551 Resort Press Link
Connor O'Sullivan Marketing and Public Relations 802.824.5645 ext 102 Resort Press Link
Peter Mackey General Manager 802.388.4356 Resort Press Link
David B. Meeker Communications Manager 802-464-4174 Resort Press Link
Diane Dickerman Director of Marketing and PR 802.483.2311 Resort Press Link
Genevieve Faherty Director 802.439.6223 Resort Press Link
Bonnie MacPherson PR Director 802.228.1947 Resort Press Link
Michael Joseph Communications Manager 802.422.6115 Resort Press Link
Thomas Leeman Marketing Manager 802.626.7395 Resort Press Link
Tina Moses Executive Assistant 802.299.2105 Resort Press Link
Michael Hussey Director 802.443.2792 Resort Press Link
Karen Boushie Public Relations Director 802.644.8572 Resort Press Link
Jeff Wise Marketing & Communications Director 802.253.3437 Resort Press Link
Myra Foster Communications Manager 802.297.2200 Resort Press Link
John Bleh Communications Coordinator 802.584.6814 Resort Press Link
Courtney Lowe Marketing and PR Director 802.457.1100 Resort Press Link
Emma Hartland-Mahon Public Relations Manager 212.924.3600 Resort Press Link
Paul Richey Director of Sales & Marketing 802.253.5769 Resort Press Link

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