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The importance of adhering to ski areas' uphill travel policies

A post on Sugarbush Resort's Sugarblog from owner Win Smith on Thursday reminded skiers and riders of the importance of abiding by the ski area's uphill travel policy.

Smith's post opened with the schedule and routes permitted for uphill travel at Sugarbush, then mentioned that issues have arisen this season around adherence to the policy.

"Unfortunately, we have recently had numerous people, especially at Mt. Ellen, not following this policy: skinning up and skiing down routes they should not be," Smith wrote. "Our groomers have had some close calls and are really concerned about hitting someone."

Smith also detailed how uphill travelers' parked vehicles have become a problem for the resort's neighboring homeowners.

"A number of homeowners at Mt. Ellen have also complained that cars have blocked their driveways and are entering Mt. Ellen and skiing down where they should not be," he wrote.

Smith wrote that if the problematic behavior continued, the resort may have no choice but to reverse its policy of allowing uphill travel.

"Skinning is a privilege and we want it to continue, but I need everyone's help to spread the word that this must be done according to our policy, or we will have no choice but to ban uphill travel and skinning at Sugarbush," he wrote.

 Most Vermont ski areas have an established uphill travel policy. Those that allow it typically dilineate times and routes for ascent, so that skiers and snowboarders are not interfering with mountain operations teams and endangering themselves or others.

For the most up-to-date information on Vermont ski areas' uphill travel policies visit this page on

Sugarbush website:


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