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Post New Year’s at Killington Mountain Resort

After a few days off for New Year’s I rounded out the holiday with a well-needed afternoon shred at Killington.  It was 40 degrees, drizzling, and a little windy but I needed to get in a few turns in before heading back to work on Monday. 

While I was riding up the Ramshead quad looking down at the tracked out runs below, I asked the kid riding up the lift with me how his holiday was, how his day was, how the snow conditions were, the usual small talk I try to awkwardly make when I’m riding solo, and he turned to me and said, “You know what…sometimes the worst day out is the best day ever.”  I asked him what he meant by that and he said, “a little rain never hurt anybody…and the snow is super fun!”  He went into telling me where to go to avoid the more tracked out areas as we approached the lift unload and I wished him a good day.

That lift conversation stuck with me for the rest of the afternoon as I lapped the quad until last chair, determined to get as much out of my Sunday as I could.  It never hurts to ask a local on the lift what’s doin’ for the day.  I stuck to his recommendations and surprisingly had one of the most fun days of my season thus far. The conditions were reminiscent of springtime, not January 4th, but that kid was right…that Sunday, at that time, the perceived ‘worst day’ to head to the mountain, was the ‘best day ever’ for me because I was on the mountain and I was snowboarding!

After taking my last run for the day, I kicked off my boots, hopped in my car and headed down the access road to Mogul’s my favorite Killington apres spot for a cheap beer and a bowl of the best popcorn in town.  Even if you’re rolling solo, there is always a friendly face at the bar with some great stories to tell. 

 #logyourdays #ridingisthereason


words and photos by Steph Kohn




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