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Ski Vermont 2018-19 Press Kit

Sunrise at Okemo

Winter truly is in its original state here in Vermont and this 2018-19 winter season Vermont’s resorts will welcome in millions of skiers, snowboarders, friends, and families to experience our slopes, explore our villages, and ultimately, make memories to last a lifetime here.


Want to virtually experience more of Vermont's amazing resorts? Be sure to check out the full video gallery highlighting each unique resort.

Ski Vermont is gearing up for winter. Check out awesome deals on passes, where to eat, and what's new at each of our member resorts and ski areas.

Resort Openings - The snow guns stand at the ready, set to blast Vermont’s ski and snowboard season into full swing. Entering the prime date range for ski areas to open in Vermont, most have a day circled on their calendars for spinning their first chairs of the season.

Top Trends at Vermont Ski Areas for the 2018-19 Season - The experience offered at Vermont ski areas has expanded to an unprecedented level. Visitors who take full advantage are helping chart a course for the future of the industry, and where that diversification of offerings is headed next.

Fueling up: Best Food Options Before, During and After a Day on the Slopes - Food is an art, and Vermont’s ski and snowboard scene offers a stunningly diverse and enjoyable palette for the palate. From slopeside waffle shacks all the way up to multi-course fine dining, the array of food offerings at Green Mountain State resorts truly does feature something for everyone.

Not Just Sliding on Snow: Top Off-slope Activities at Vermont Ski Areas - Now more than ever, visitors to Vermont ski areas can choose from a slew of off-slope activities. The options have never been so plentiful, such that even the non-skiing members along on a trip will have no shortage of fun things to do.

Backcountry and Uphill Travel Info and PoliciesVermont resorts have always stretched the boundaries of skiing and snowboarding, and their visitors are literally doing just that: Sidecountry/backcountry and ski touring are some of the fastest growing segments of the sports, as more and more participants discover the joys of venturing out into the great, often-untracked beyond.

Snow Legends: Vermont Produces the Cream of the Competitive Crop - Scan the start list for any world-class competitive ski or snowboard event, and chances are good you’ll find competitors with roots in, or connections to, Vermont. The Green Mountain State’s ski areas and winter sports academies have churned out a virtual who’s-who of elite competitors, many of whom have left an indelible mark on the snow sports history all the way up to the World Cup and Olympic levels.

Putting the Green in Green Mountain State Skiing and Snowboarding - Vermont has long been a leading state in the “Green Movement” toward the best possible practices in regard to the environment – and that same ideology is a guiding force throughout the state’s ski industry. Efficiency is a top priority in the design and implementation of everything from the snow guns blasting trailside to the utensils dipping and carving into entrees in the base lodge eateries.

The Best Times to Ski and Ride in Vermont - Any day spent skiing or riding the slopes of Vermont is a good day – but some are better than others. Often, it’s the plentiful powder underfoot; other times it’s the perfect companionship, postcard weather or the satisfaction of getting a fantastic deal on lift tickets or lodging. There is no shortage of times within the Vermont ski and snowboard season to get out and make the memories of a lifetime.

Deals and Packages - The thrill of skiing or snowboarding in Vermont is its own reward – but that doesn’t make us any less stoked when a great deal helps save some hard-earned bucks. The state’s ski resorts recognize this, and the result is a multitude of special offers, packages and other incentives that help lower the price tag for those looking to build some priceless memories on the mountain. Ski Vermont also gets in on the money-saving act, with its Take 3 Pass and 5th Grade Passport.

It’s the Snow: Snowmaking, Grooming and other Mountain Ops - If you want to know what makes Vermont skiing and snowboarding truly special, you don’t need to look too deep; it’s the snow. Legendary natural accumulations are supplemented with some of the very best snowmaking systems in the business, and expert mountain operations teams across the state have turned grooming and surface maintenance into an art form.

Learn to Turn: Vermont's Ski and Snowboard Beginner Packages - Fledgling skiers and snowboarders in Vermont quickly learn that the state’s resorts have rewritten an old adage: Those who can do, teach. Many of the very best instructors in the business can be found on Green Mountain State slopes, helping transform raw aspirations of skiing and riding into ability, confidence and fun.

Ski Vermont’s 2018-19 Marketing Partners - Learn more about Ski Vermont’s marketing partners, which include great Vermont brands like Cabot cheese, Long Trail beer, Woodchuck cider, Skida headwear, Burton snowboards and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, as well as new partners Mad River Distillers, Caledonia Spirits and SILO Distillery.

Special Interest Stories from Ski Vermont - Looking for a story that is off the beaten path? Perhaps you're on the right path but a need a little focusing? At Ski Vermont we’re happy to help you down that path and lead you to the special story that you’re looking for. We’re also pleased to suggest a few topics of pride for our state. If you're interested in learning more please reach out to Director of Communications Adam White at 802-223-2439 or

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