SILO Distillery

SILO Distillery is a small craft distillery located in Windsor, Vermont.  We make all of our spirits in house, from grain to glass, using locally sourced Vermont grains.  Our custom built German still produces Vodka, Gin, Reserve Gin, Bourbon, Whiskey,  and infused Vodkas including Cucumber, Lemon and Cacao. Established in 2013.

SILO Distillery is owned and operated by 8th generation Vermonters.  We pride ourselves on creating artisan spirits that can be enjoyed on their own, or in any cocktail.  We strive to source all of our products locally.  We use absolutely no artificial sweeteners or flavors, nor do we use Neutral Grain Spirits or chemicals.  Vermont is a place where the land supplies a bounty rich in flavor and character, and we like to believe we reflect that essence in our spirits.



3 Artisans Way
Windsor, VT 05089
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